Nerd Butler - What its all about

Nerd Butler is committed to the idea that technology should make our lives easier. There has never been a consumer product created with the intention of slowing us down or causing more stress. People invent things to solve problems and that's what technology should do for you!

We now live in an age that sees everyone walking around with more computer power in their pocket than we used to land men on the moon. But does it make things easier? Happier? Less stressful?  Often, the answer is no.  

Enter Nerd Butler.

Nerd Butler is here to help you turn your stress and aggravation into edible bytes (see what we did there?). The goal is to help you to do more with the devices you already have and to make informed decisions about what you should be spending your money on when making new purchases.

We'll help you understand how new technologies could affect you and how to accomplish more with less effort in your personal life using the amazing array of devices and services available.  We'll address topics that most of us deal with on a regular basis:

  • Smartphones, tablets, and mobile apps

  • Home automation and the Internet of Things

  • Digital assistants and how to use them (or not use them!)

  • Keeping yourself secure as you venture out into the digital world

  • Using your devices more efficiently to solve problems that actually make a difference in your everyday life

You can follow us on your favorite social media platform or leave us a note right here on the site.  

So thank you for checking out!  We hope you will visit often and send us the questions you would like to see answered. 

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